Club Benefits


The biggest benefit is the lifelong friends you’ll make

Now that you’ve found out all about us, what do you get for joining the club?

We are one of the largest non-profit organizations in Imperial County, California dedicated to promoting family-oriented, environmentally friendly, 4-wheel events. Our events range from camping, winter fun, desert run, ghost run, poker run, trail riding, 4-wheel drive, and range of other vehicle oriented outdoor activities.


We seek to diversify our activities to gather for the needs of everyone in attendance from the smooth novice ride from beginners to highly challenging, rocky and winter rides for the experienced hard-core wheelers. Our rides give you a chance to mingle, meet new people, catch up with old friends or bond with your family when taking children friendly rides.

One of our popular activities, the desert safari is something everyone looks forward to. The exciting ride is also one of the longest and most challenging off-road drives in the country covering up to 80,000 acres of open riding in the desert. Every year, we change the venues as to showcase the beauty and variety that California has to offer in terms of 4-wheel drive. This event is also popular because the funds raised are used in fighting land closures to ensure our trails remain open for public use. Thus, by participating in the event, you not only have fun but get an opportunity to give back to the community.

America’s girl mine is another popular outdoor vehicle oriented activity that will fascinate you. The event involves camping, a drive down an” open pit” mine, and drive down a riverside to a scenic beauty valley. The height of the event is a squeeze through a loop and exit at the park. The gold rock museum at the park makes beautiful scenery for you to enjoy your lunch and end the day on the slopes of the mountain.

We are actively involved in environmental conservation programmers in California. Our activities range from tree planting, fighting land closures to ensure the trails remain open for public, free monthly vehicle inspection; particularly for 4 wheel riders, closing the entrance to hazardous mine shafts, adopting trails and maintaining the trails among others.

Membership and benefits

Our membership is free for anyone who loves the outdoor events and is at least above 18 years.Though owning a four-wheel is important, it is not a requirement to join us. Some of the benefits that you get by joining include:

  • Eligibility to participate in all events organized by the club.
  • Free access to club materials like magazines which contain all the information concerning the clubs activities as well as a directory with information about all clubs in California.
  • Right to vote and representation on all matters concerning the club, as well as right to contest for any position in the club.
  • Special email and text alerts concerning important matters in the club like special events, notification for meetings, public land matters, calendar of events among others.
  • Discount on premium membership fee which grants you more benefits as a member.
  • Opportunity to mingle and network with other club members and form a network of business partnerships, jobs opportunities, lifetime friends, or even find a spouse.


Our meetings are held monthly as communicated by the committee. The annual meeting is mainly the AGM when we meet to elect new board members. We also organize dinners for members when we get to share a great meal, good conversation and have fun.