4-Wheeling Resources

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Whether you are a beginner with limited experience and a newly acquired interest in 4-wheeling, or whether you are a seasoned professional with years of experience, but a love of 4-wheeling which is yet to fade, below are numerous resources you may find useful. We’ve certainly used them a lot.

Beginner Resources

This resource is aimed at those just embarking on their 4×4 journey. The article explains basic concepts such as the difference between the approach angle and the break-over angle, drive modes, and recovery situations. This makes it a useful guide for beginners.


Here are a number of other useful resources aimed at beginners:




Driving Safely

Safety comes first. This statement should ring true for absolute beginners as well as those who have been 4-wheeling for decades. Below is a link which provides tips for a safe 4-wheeling experience.


Here are other resources providing tips and advice on safety:




The following link provides tips on safety as well as common driving techniques.


This resource provides pragmatic advice, offering instructions on how to perform techniques which can be used in a vast array of situations as well as those which are tailored for specific challenges.


US Tours and Tracks

With its warm weather and unique terrains, California is an ideal location for 4×4 driving. Here is a list of popular 4×4 tours in California.


The United States as a whole has plenty to offer in terms of off-roading tracks. Here are a few links outlining popular 4×4 destinations throughout the United States.





Australia Locations

If you are planning a vacation down under, you should know that Australia has a number of incredible terrains. Here are several lists outlining some favorites.




Other Spots

If you are a world traveller, consult this link for the best 4×4 tracks around the world:


Care and Feeding of Your 4×4

Between broken axles and scrubbing endless dirt off your car, there is a lot of maintenance work involved in taking care of your vehicle. After driving around all weekend in the desert you’ll need a good tool to use as a car interior cleaner.

If your car is broken, not just dirty, then take a look at this guide because it’s a must.