Meet This Year’s Club Officers: Team Nitemare

Dave Wescott – President

Dave has been an off-road fanatic for as long as he can remember. Starting at a very young age with a youth ATV, his love for the sport and collection of vehicles has only grown! Dave can regularly be seen at the most difficult off-road tracks that can be found anywhere. Even his daily driver, a huge Land Rover, is better equipped for 4×4 adventures than most hobbyists. Dave Wescott has been with us for a long time and we hope he stays much longer! His positive attitude and true dedication are a value to all of us.

Celia Davies – Vice President

Celia Davies holds several off-road championships in South America. She came to the United States in 2004 and has probably spent more time off-road than on since that time! Celia has been heard saying “You aren’t driving if you aren’t in four-wheel drive.” This VP is an inspiration to little girls everywhere who aspire to take on the world of 4×4 off-roading! Celia’s daily driver is a Toyota 4Runner with 35″ tires. There are no side steps even though Celia is of a very small stature. When asked why she doesn’t put on some steps she simply replies “clearance.”

Juan Reyes – Activities Director

Juan is the youngest member on the team, but he has been here from the beginning. A proud graduate of UCLA, Juan recalls spending all week in class and all weekend off-road. He has a broad perspective and many great connections that make him an amazing Activities Director! Every year since he took the position Juan has added new and exciting activities to the club’s calendar. Juan is known by everyone to be the guy with the big smile who is always laughing. He didn’t want to admit it but Juan’s daily driver is a Smart Car. No, it doesn’t have a lift kit.

Andrew Cohen – Treasurer

Andrew, or the money man as he is often referred to, is our Treasurer. A proud member for the better part of a decade, Andrew has proven his loyalty with countless hours of hard work. Andrew is more than a hard worker though, his garage is three bays of off-road monsters! Custom fabrication is a hobby for Andrew and his work is pretty impressive. Andrew’s daily driver is a full-size Dodge 3/4 ton. The truck has custom grill guards, skid plates, roll bars, and many other additions that were all handmade by Andrew! If you ever hear someone yell “HEMI POWER” that is probably Andrew.